Most businesses with fewer than 25 network users either can’t afford a dedicated IT support staff, or don’t need one because their network is too small. Many times small companies turn to individual freelance consultants or IT consulting organizations for their IT support needs. When tough network problems arise, small businesses see high technical support fees and low worker productivity due to the lack of bandwidth and comprehensive skill of outsourced IT consulting organizations.


Located in Tulare California, Pinnacle Technology understands the IT needs of small businesses and specializes in providing complete network support, making customer service our #1 priority. Whether we are offering on-site, phone, or remote support, our clients are confident with our level of experience and professional expertise. We make it our priority to prevent problems before they occur. However, when a problem arises Pinnacle Technology will be there for you day or night. Our prompt response, expert troubleshooting, and know-how to fix the problem the first time is what our loyal customers appreciate most. We are focused on solving technical problems in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of cost to our customers.


Pinnacle Technology delivers network support to serve your IT business needs with prices you can afford

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